ORPHANAGE |ˈôrfənij|

a residential institution for the care and education of orphans.
• archaic the state or condition of being an orphan.

“The ORPHANAGE Productions” is an independent production company envisioned as a refuge for artists and filmmakers who are by and large abandoned in a sea of multi-million dollar studios and a world where – the monetary bottom line and not the message – is lost. Invested in a common bond – that of storytelling and creativity – The ORPHANAGE Productions is guided by the notion that anything is possible.

(On the set of Invisible Dance. View behind the scene photo from Invisible Dance (CLICK HERE)


(Cambodia Town Film Festival – Co-Produced by The ORPHANAGE Productions)


(Cambodia Town Film Festival – Legendary Cambodian Musician, Kagnol Mol and DANGUE FEVER perform at CTFF 2014.)


Cambodia Town Film Festival 2015 ‘HEAVEN’ Theme KICK-OFF Party at Sophy’s Restaurant.