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Aquarium of the Pacific 10/27/17
About 200 people gathered for a private screening of the new Netflix film First They Killed My Father and discussion with the film’s Director, Producer and Co-Screenwriter Angelina Jolie and Co-Screenwriter and Executive Producer Loung Ung, Moderated by praCh, at the nonprofit Aquarium of the Pacific in Southern California.

The GRUNION 09/23/17
Long Beach’s Cambodia Town Film Festival Captivates Audience.
The room erupted with cheers and applause when Angelina Jolie made a special on-stage appearance alongside Loung Ung,
producer Rithy Panh and CTFF festival directors Caylee So and praCh Ly.

Press-Telegram 09/13/17
Angelina Jolie’s ‘First They Killed My Father’ opens Cambodia Town Film Festival
in Long Beach this weekend.
The lineup varies from full-length films that touch on the deadly Khmer Rouge regime, horror, comedy and
even a live stand-up show. But in one way or another, all of the films in the upcoming Cambodia Town Film Festival
aim to celebrate both the resilience and the vibrant artistic spirit of the Cambodian community. “I’m am so happy to
see Cambodian film moving forward at such a fast pace,” said praCh Ly, a Long Beach hip-hop artist who
co-founded the festival along with filmmaker Caylee So.

After-Lives of War 05/16/17
The Southeast Asian Archive Over 30 Years
University of California, Irvine

praCh at Vassar College 11/19/16
praCh Ly is a Cambodian rap artist who uses his rap music as a creative outlet to educate and inform
on past, current, and future Cambodia. His lyrics and lectures powerfully portray his past born in a
Cambodian refugee camp during the Killing Fields as well as his transition to hip-hop.

Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival 11/12/16
praCh to perform at PAAFF after the ‘Bad Rap’ movie screening.

Society of Ethnomusicology 11/11/16
praCh to lecture/perform at The Sanjek on Friday, Nov. 11 from 8:30-9:30pm

A Sussex University Anthropology blog 11/07/16
praCh’s work then, became extremely important in educating the youth about the country’s history,
arguably more than the genocide museums ever did.

2016 Innovations in the 33rd Awards 10/20/16
praCh named Honoree of Senator Ricardo Lara’s Innovations in the 33rd Awards.
Business, nonprofit organizations, and individuals are the backbone and lifeblood of our community and economy.
They deserved to be honored for their leadership and contributions for bringing new ideas, awareness and solutions
to issues in our local communities.

Press-Telegram 09/01/16
Stories ranging from the struggles of forest activists to the beauty of nature as well as a love triangle set in a
collapsing city make up this year’s Cambodia Town Film Festival. “It’s a strong line-up of documentaries,
narratives and shorts. I was very proud of it again this year,” said festival co-founder and Long Beach-based rapper Prach Ly.

Words Without Borders: 11/01/15
Cambodian Literature: From Angkor to Year Zero and Beyond.
Cambodia’s strong oral tradition of poetry and storytelling is carried on today by traditional artists such as the bluesy,
improvisational chapey master Kong Nay, known as the Ray Charles of Cambodia, and by a younger generation
of spoken-word and rap artists, among them praCh. Called “Cambodia’s first rap star” by Newsweek, praCh was
born in Cambodian refugee camps at the end of the war. In the tracks featured in this issue, he collaborates with
Master Kong Nay and poet U Sam Oeur.

KCET 07/24/15
HISTORY & SOCIETY: On Location: North Long Beach
Two years ago Ly co-founded the Cambodia Town Film Festival with his friend, the filmmaker Caylee So,
who lives in North Long Beach with her husband. A few years ago the film she made for her Masters’ Thesis
at Chapman College won the top prize. Ly and So hope to highlight Cambodian cinema because Cambodian arts,
music and film were nearly destroyed during the Killing Fields. “A quarter of our population was either murdered
or starved to death,” Ly says. “The Khmer Rouge regime was on a mission to turn back time, no social class, and
declared their takeover as ‘Year Zero.”‘ Ly takes his role very seriously as an artist and activist. He’s glad that he can
make a difference. “We are the children of the ‘Killing Fields’ and Long Beach being the largest population of Cambodians
outside of Southeast Asia,” Ly notes, “we feel like we have a responsibility to make a change.”

SFWEEKLY 05/27/15
Shake the Dust: Finding Hope Through Hip-Hop
The film’s soundtrack, which features the Nas songs “God Love Us” and “I Can,” along with additional
music by Talib Kweli, Common, and the Cambodian rapper Prach Ly, gives a strong nod to the elevation
of hip-hop as a social movement and not just a genre of music.

Nas-Produced ‘Shake the Dust’ Shines Light on Global B-Boys
Documentary focuses on hip-hop’s impact around the world via international breakdancing crews.
Queensbridge icon Nas serves as executive producer, and some of his best songs, like “I Can”
and “God Love Us Hood,” can be heard accompanying the dancers’ movements. (The rest of the soundtrack
includes music by Common, Talib Kweli and international acts like Uganda’s Sylvester and Abramz and
Cambodian rapper Prach Ly.)

praCh Ly was recently in Houston with friend and filmmaker Caylee So (both are
Festival Directors on the committee for the Cambodia Town Film Festival in Long Beach, CA).
I met with praCh after he had given a lecture and performed at Lanier Middle School. (He was later told
that he’d been the first and only rap artist to perform in their school.) I sat down with praCh to learn more
about his story, what inspires him and how he intends to bring truth about The Killing Fields to a population
largely unaware of the atrocities that occurred in Cambodia in the 1970s.

YELLOW Magazine 04/10/15
Top Hip-Hop artist in Cambodia Brings Awareness to the Killing Fields.
With lyrics in Khmer and English and a focus on Killing Fields era legacies,
Khmer American rapper praCh Ly’s first album, Dalama, was not only credited with
introducing hip-hop to Cambodia—it introduced this history to a new generation largely unaware of its genocidal past.

Ly’s particular hip hop journey from the Killing Fields to Long Beach and back again will serve as the basis for a blended performance/lecture.

Houston Chronicle 04/08/15
Rapper sheds new light on the Killing Fields. Four decades after the Killing Fields began,
Cambodian-American rapper praCh (Prach Ly) brings a modern take on the horror to the Asia Society Texas Center.

Experience the music and journey of Cambodian rap star praCh at Asia Society.

Interview: ‘Spinnin’ Memory, ‘ Khmer American Rapper Teaches a Traumatic History.

Savong School 12/14/14
An unlikely outcome – how praCh Ly’s Khmer rap music opened up and healed old war wounds

NHK 11/22/14
Prach Ly, a rap artist, inspires Cambodian American Pride. With his rap songs, Prach encourages refugees and their children to face their history, and heal the scars of the Cambodian civil war.

LA-WEEKLY 07/29/14
Prach Ly, who has been rapping in Khmer and English about issues affecting Cambodians since 2000.
Ly grew up in Long Beach, but his albums focus on the war-crime trials of Khmer Rouge leaders; they convey messages of revolt when played on underground radio stations in Cambodia. Ly rarely performs these days (though he will at the Cambodian Music Festival), instead focusing on film projects. He’s often asked to speak about his work at institutions like Harvard and UC Berkeley, making him the de facto public face for young Cambodian-Americans.

LA-TIMES 07/26/14
PraCh Ly, a Long Beach native and elder statesman of Cambodian hip-hop, was among the first musicians to speak out about the trauma of the Khmer Rouge era. Ly’s debut album, “Dalama: The End’n Is Just the Beginn’n” made him Cambodia’s No. 1-selling hip-hop artist in 2001. But it also fulfilled a desperate need for candor about the war and its devastating legacy.
Fifteen years later, his verses bite as hard as ever, with an unrelenting drive to speak the unspoken and to remember the forgotten. On his forthcoming third solo album, “Dalama 3: Memoirs of the Invisible War,” Ly experiments with darker, more cinematic compositions while venturing deeper into the poetics of war and diaspora. In lieu of his own set, he will take the stage as a featured guest with several artists on the bill.

OCRegister 04/16/14
Performers include Long Beach’s own Prach Ly, a pioneer in the Khmer-American hip-hop genre, 12/08/13
Cathy Schlund-Vials, a Cambodian American scholar who teaches at the University of Connecticut
and is author of War, Genocide, and Justice: Cambodian American Memory Work, told Prach’s story
and played some of his songs at a program titled Asian Genocide and the 21st Century Remembrance
Through Art
at Asia Society Texas Center.

FilmRadar 556th Edition 10/11/13
A River Changes Course, filmmaker Kalyanee Mam will participate in Q and A’s at the Music Hall
after the 5 PM screening on Friday the 11th, after the noon and 5 PM screenings on Saturday the 12th,
and after the 5 PM screenings on Sunday and Monday the 13th and 14th. Joining her will be the following:
Friday @ 5PM – with Lee Hannah (CI) Saturday @ 12PM – with Prach Ly and Caylee So
(Co-directors of Cambodia Town Film Festival)

San Francisco Chronicle
International and critically acclaim artist praCh to perform in San Fran! 09/23/13
Experiencing two days at the first Cambodian film festival in Long Beach, Calif. – There was an
unexplainable feeling waking up knowing that the weekend ahead would not only have a positive
impact on me, but also an entire community. Saturday, September 14th, 2013, the first day of the
Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF), became the epicenter of a rich, vibrant culture that has lain
dormant for over 30 years yet perseveres with resilience, commitment, and welcoming arms, hands
pressed together to greet its audience: chum reap sur.

NBC San Diego 09/17/13
The first Cambodia Town Film Festival, featuring documentaries, independent film shorts,
and subtitled classics as well as musical entries from a variety of artists. Films were chosen
with a focus on highlighting the Cambodian experience here and abroad, and panel discussions
with contributors will follow most viewings.

The Broke Girls Club 09/15/13
I was invited by the Orange County Fashion Association to be apart of the Cambodia Town Film Festival
held at the historic Art Theatre in Long Beach. On the last day of the festival, the Film Association
showcased a film about the fight against sex slavery in Southeast Asia, primarily Cambodia.

Somaly Mam Foundation 09/15/13
We are very excited for the first annual Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF). CTFF is a two-day film
forum that will introduce new studio and independent features, documentaries, foreign features,
short films, animated shorts, trailers, music videos and re-released classics.

Gazettes 09/13/13
Film Festival Highlights Cambodian Culture Past and Present.
“It’s about these experiences and really about introducing or inspiring the next generation to hold onto their culture,”

Long Beach Press-Telegram 09/12/13
The Cambodia Town Film Festival happening this weekend is about inspiring the next generation
to hold onto their culture, organizers said.

LA Weekly 09/11/13
Gone With the Wind and Cambodia Town Film Festival: Your Weekly Movie To-So-List

Khmerican 09/09/13
First ever Cambodia Town Film Festival to showcase diversity of Cambodian experience 09/03/13
We are very excited for the first annual Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF).
CTFF is a three-day film forum that will introduce new studio and independent features,
documentaries, foreign features, short films, animated shorts, trailers, music videos and re-released classics. 09/03/13
Nimol and other members of DENGUE FEVER will be in attendance at the very first
Cambodia Town Film Festival in Long Beach, CA on September 14.  Catch some Cambodian
themed films and some amazing musical performances.  Click HERE for more details. 08/24/13
Cambodia Town Film Festival co-organizers PraCh Ly and Caylee So are on a tour promoting
the festival throughout the US. During their tour on the East Coast, they stopped by the Voice of
America studio in Washington, DC. VOA Khmer’s Im Sothearith discusses the festival’s purpose
and the organizers’ expectations. 08/20/13
The first annual Cambodia Town film Festival line up has been confirmed. There will be plenty of film,
music and partying during the festival weekend. There will be 2 guest celebrities on the Half the Sky Panel
on Sunday evening and many musical artists performing during Saturday’s kick off party.

Anvaya 08/20/13
If you haven’t already heard, there are about 4 weeks left counting down to this absolute landmark event:
The first ever Cambodian Town Film Festival on the weekend of September 14-15!

Long Beach Post 08/13/13
This year’s inaugural Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF) has officially announced its complete
lineup for the two-day event, which will take place on September 14 and 15 at The Art Theatre in Long Beach.

praCh and CTFF goes on their East Coast Tour 07/13/13
CTFF East Coast Tour to promote and outreach and inform about the Cambodia Town Film Festival.
Starting from VA to Connecticut. Visiting Voice of America in DC, Lincoln Memorial, the Capital,
Washington Monumental, Statue of Liberty, Philadelphia to the Human Rights Awareness at
University of Connecticut.

praCh and Caylee So visit Voice of America(VAO) 07/12/13
While on the CTFF East Coast Tour, both of our Cambodia Town Film Festival’s Founder
and Director praCh.Ly and Caylee So visited Voice Of America(VOA) .
Hosted by Ime Sothearith, the interview was tape live and will air next week to promote the
film festival in September.

The Cambodian
We are very excited for the first annual Cambodia Town Film Festival
(CTFF) September 14th-15th 2013
. CTFF is a three-day film forum that will introduce
new studio and independent features, documentaries, foreign features, short films, animated
shorts, trailers, music videos and re-released classics. The programs will include a variety of
special events and panel discussions featuring directors, producers, writers and actors.

praCh meets American Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia 07/06/13

praCh host Andrew Zimmern on Bizarre Food Season Premiere 07/01/13
Andrew explores hidden LA through its ethnic communities, from a Mexican
farm feast to a Cambodian house party.

Long Beach Post: CTFF ticket goes on sale 06/20/13
Tickets for the first Cambodia Town Film Festival went on sale this week, kicking off a three-month
countdown to the one-of-a-kind cultural forum. Held on September 14 and 15 at the Art Theatre,
CTFF will showcase new studio and independent features, documentaries, foreign features, short films,
animated shorts, trailers, music videos and re-released classics–all of which deal with Cambodian themes
or were made by a filmmaker of Cambodian descent.

Long Beach Independent 05/13/13
FEATURE: PraCh Ly, is an internationally renown, critically acclaim, award winning artist.
His debut album is the first #1 rap album in Cambodia. Newsweek proclaim him as “the first Cambodian rap star”.
Through masterful lyrics of powerful rap music, his music not only entertains but also educates.

Season of Cambodia April-May 2013
May 25, 2013 12:00 pm – May 28, 2013 5:00 pm The line-up includes performances
by Bochan Huy, PraCh Ly, Anida Yoeu Ali, Kosal Khiev and video selections by Studio Revolt

Studio Revolt 04/26/13
Generation Return: Version 1.5 is an evening of spoken word, hip-hop, and video s
creenings featuring urban voices from Phnom Penh to NYC. The line up includes performances
by Bochan Huy, praCh Ly, Anida Yoeu Ali, Kosal Khiev, and video selections by Studio Revolt.
This event highlights artistic practice as a means to address issues of collective legacy and
contemporary justice. Featured Cambodian American artists are actively engaged in international
dialogues and community activism through art. The event title is a reference to the “1.5 Generation”,
individuals who either “came of age” under the Khmer Rouge or were born in refugee camps.
As products of war and as intergenerational witnesses to genocide, 1.5-generation Cambodian
American artists have been on the frontlines of capturing the traumatic past and pushing for international justice.

Long Beach Post: 40 UNDER 40 winner: praCh /4/21/13
On Thursday, April 25, the Long Beach Post hosted an event to honor young people from around the
city who are doing great things to better their community and beyond. Out of hundreds of nominations
from our readers, judges chose 40 winners who run the gamut from educators to artists to business
owners to community activists, all of whom represent just a selection of those who are today contributing
to the betterment of Long Beach.

CTFF at Sacramento State 04/15/13
After the screening there will be Q&A session with very SPECIAL GUEST Director CAYLEE SO
and praCh. There will also be performances by praCh and special guest RJ SIN.

CTFF at University of the Pacific 04/14/13
Please join us for this exclusive one night only screening of the award winning film “Paulina.”
There will also be performances by Prach Ly and a screening of University of the Pacific. After
the screening there will be Q. and A. session with writer-director Caylee So and, who
also performed in Stockton in 2009 during “The Real Gran Torino Story: Stockton’s Secret War on the Streets.”

Khmerization 04/12/13
Co-founded by recent Chapman film school graduate Caylee So and Long-Beach-gone-international
rapper Prach Ly, the festival is the first of its kind in the world, aiming to showcase not only Cambodian
filmmakers, but also the rich culture and history of the country itself.

Cambodia Town Film Festival (CTFF) Takes Fundraising on the Road 03/27/13
The Cambodia Town Film Festival officially released the dates and cities of their 1st annual
fundraising tour. A tour that would allow audiences to experience both Cambodian-American
Cinema and Cambodian- American music by showcasing the talents of filmmaker Caylee So and
rapper praCh.  Both praCh and Caylee are award winning artist and the festival directors of
Cambodia Town Film Festival.  CTFF’s commitment is to spearhead a campaign that will
bring awareness and generate the kind of excitement the community expects from this film f
estival come September 14th and 15th 2013.  This tour has been aided by many of the
communities dedicated leaders.

ANVAYA 03/24/13
Thoughtful, earnest, polite, and humble – not necessarily the words you would use to
describe a typical rapper. But the progressive perfectionist, Prach Ly, is far from your
ordinary rapper. His fiery lyrics and revolutionary message are a juxtaposition against
his calm demeanor.

5th Annual Khmer Studies Forum 03/15/13
Many excellent speakers made presentations about their experiences, both personal and professional,
on topics related to the theme of Cambodian identity. This web page will serve as a resource to
keep the discussions started at the Forum active. Each of the PowerPoint presentations
(if provided by the participants) and related videos will appear next to the speaker’s name and
presentation title. We hope they will be enlightening and helpful to you! Many thanks again to
all who participated in the Fifth Annual Khmer Studies Fo

The PROTEST 01/24/13
Cambodian-American rapper PraCh Ly discussed continuing injustices in Cambodia through a
screening and discussion of the film “Enemies of the People” Tuesday…“This film is not about
Cambodia’s past. It’s about human rights,” Ly said. “Genocide is happening to this day.
If you don’t learn from it, it repeats.”

praCh @ Northwestern University 01/22/13
The Khmer Rouge ran what is regarded as one of the twenthieth century’s most brutal
regimes.  Yet the Killing Fields of Cambodia remain unexplained. Until now.
In ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE the men and women who perpetrated the massacres …
break a 30-year silence to give testimony never before heard or seen. Film screening and
conversation PraCh Ly, the Executive Producer for the sequel, ‘Suspicious Minds.’

Long Beach Lunch: La Lune Palace 12/19/12
Days before jetting off for Cambodia Town Film Festival meetings and to give inspiring
human-rights speeches at Ivy League schools, last month’s cover man praCh Ly was kind
enough to spend an afternoon helping me find a new Cambodian lunch spot.

The Daily Targum 12/12/12
University of Connecticut professor Cathy Schlund-Vials, left, and Cambodian refugee and
rapper PraCh Ly discuss the difficulty in bringing the Khmer Rouge to  justice following a
screening of the documentary “Enemies of the People” on Monday night at the Rutgers
Student Center on the College Avenue campus. Around 60 people attended the event on
the war crimes perpetrated by the Cambodian rebel grou

praCh @ Rutger University 12/10/12
On Human Rights Day, there will be a screening of the documentary, Enemies of the People,
about the Cambodian genocide, followed by a performance by Cambodian American rapper
praCh Ly and a Q&A between praCh and Asian American Studies critic Cathy Schlund-Vials.
Both of these speakers will also be visiting the Learning Community.

OCWeekly 11/20/12
Long Beach’s first Cambodia Town Film Festival Coordinators praCh Ly and Caylee So
with their planning committee at the Art Theatre

OC WEEKLY 11/29/12 * Cover Story
The Healing Fields of Long Beach’s Cambodia Town.
The next generation of the city’s Cambodian-American community steps up to help its elders—and itself
This is Cambodia Town, the heart of Southern California‘s Cambodian community, the largest such
enclave in the United States, and one of the largest on Earth. And the 33-year-old Ly (he goes by praCh;
the spelling is his own) is perhaps its most famous ambassador, a rapper who became an accidental
superstar in a country he only knew about through library books and fragmented family tales.

UCSD : Recialication in the Media Lecture Series featuring praCh ly 11/17/12
Video Production Club presents this quarter’s Racialization in the Media Lecture Series featuring
internationally renown Cambodian rapper praCh ly.  At this event, praCh will speak on the history
and culture behind his rap.  Find out more info on praCh ly here.  The event will also start off with
a performance by the Poptikz Dance Crew.

Khmer Student Coalition Conference 2012 10/20/12
Khmer Student Coalition Conference (KSCC): this event is hosted by a different school
every year. The host school is responsible for setting up workshop events that cater to the issues
of the Cambodian community. Each school, in return, brings to the table issues they feel are
relevant and important to share.

KCET’s Beats and Rhymes: Corruption 09/28/12
Whether it be in Wall Street, our presidential election or international politics, corruption is everywhere
on both the micro and macro level. I wrote this poem after Cambodia Town ambassador and
international hip hop artist Prach Ly
 asked me a few years ago to listen to seven of his new
songs and write a poem inresponse. “Corruption” is the poem that emerged after I listened to
his words and the stories he told meabout Cambodia. Ly told me tales of Cambodian corruption
and also compared it to the corrupt local politicsof Long Beach. “Power lies in the hands of few.
Those who start wars never fight them.” Ly’s stories aboutthe killing fields and the resulting
Cambodian diaspora are reminiscent of genocides early in the 20th Century committed in Armenia,
Germany and the unnamed.

Press-Telegram : LOST LOVES movie premiere 09/25/12
LONG BEACH – No one can quite tell a story like one who has experienced it. And no tale resonates
quite like one told in its original language…. To actually hear (a story) from the people who lived it
gives a whole different understanding, or trying to understand,” PraCh said. Chhay has been touring
the United States presenting the film on the university circuit, often showing it in small, cramped
classrooms. “I wanted a bigger presentation,” PraCh said of bringing the movie to the Art Theatre,
which will include a red carpet and VIP reception. “I wanted to do it right. This is a very important film.

Press-Telegram / KI Media 08/10/12
LONG BEACH — Residents interested in helping an American nonprofit that supports education
and provides emergency aid in rural Cambodia are invited to a fundraising dinner for the Cambodian
Educational Network at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Paradise Restaurant, 1350 E. Anaheim St.
The grassroots group, based in the San Francisco East Bay, was founded in 2000. Among its many
projects, the Cambodian Educational Network builds, staffs and operates primary schools for the poor
in Cambodia. It also digs and helps maintain sustainable wells to ensure drinkable water,
and provides aid to the homeless, orphaned, elderly and disabled.

Celebrate Asia, a multi-cultural gathering of colorful exuberance, returns to Downtown
Jacksonville for a second year this Mother’s Day weekend, Saturday, May 12th at the Hyatt
Regency Jacksonville Riverfront hotel. It’s a dazzling, color-filled entertainment experience
that features celebrities, performances and a bevy of delightful Asian food.

The Athens New 04/27/12
The 4th Annual Khmer Studies Forum will be held at Ohio University, in Athens, Ohio
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The Khmer Studies Forum is an opportunity to facilitate
discussion on all aspects of Khmer (Cambodian) studies, including but not limited to
Khmer language, history, culture, economics, politics, education, and the arts. Events
include a keynote address by Mr. Joel Brinkley, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times
author, and a performance by Mr. Prach Ly, a Cambodian musician, panel presentations
and discussions, films, and cultural performances.

praCh @ Harvard 04/24/12
This exhibition memorializes The Living Magazine: Cambodia, an international literary
and cultural event that explored issues surrounding writing, publishing, and free expression
in Cambodia. This year’s event (the second of its kind at Harvard) featured the work of writers
Samkhann Khoeun and Chanbo Keo; rap artist and activist praCh ly; and current Scholars at
Risk fellow Tararith Kho; and included contributions from the Angkor Dance Troupe and
members of the Harvard community.

Mills College – Ethnic Studies 04/17/12
The screening will end with a discussion and performance by guest speaker praCh Ly,
a well-known Cambodian American rapper who produced original music for the film and
whose personal experiences with this tragedy color his music and have led him on tours to
lecture and perform at various college campuses. praCh is from Long Beach, California,
and is currently working on the sequel to “Enemies of the People” as executive producer,
with original directors Rob Lemkin and Thet Sambath. 03/29/12
We are pleased to announce that Cambodian-American musician praCh Ly
has joined our team as an Executive Producer of  ‘SUSPICIOUS MINDS’
A film that will complement Enemies of the People. We are delighted to have him on board. 03/23/12
Rapping the Message of Long Beach’s Cambodia Town.
In 2011, the 20-block stretch of Anaheim Street from Atlantic to Junipero in Long Beach
was officially declared “Cambodia Town.” A large blue sign commemorates this on the
districts borders. While the LBC’s neighbor to the north, L.A., has districts like Thai Town,
Little Armenia, Little Ethiopia, Koreatown, Little Tokyo and many more, the equally diverse
Long Beach is known for Bixby Knolls, the Pike and Belmont Shore. Once known as
“Iowa By-The Sea,” the Cambodia Town designation is truly historic: it’s the first
ethnic district in Long Beach to be officially recognized by the city.

Project SideSwipe-Indiegogo 03/03/12
It usually happens the other way around, but our challenge is this: To make the feature,
we must first make the trailer! Associate Producer 02/02/12
FB-“Just posted “CHild of the Killing Fields’ on my site. I have so much respect for you,
your journeys, and your talent”…”PraCh Ly is a talented Cambodian/American rapper,
writer, poet who tells in stories in beautiful lyrics. – LU

The Khmerican 01/04/12
The Khmerican’s Must Watch Top 12 for 2012
This year’s top honor goes to Khmer America’s most influential citizen, praCh Ly.
In over a decade of work and service, we witnessed the Long Beach native continue
to rise in the arts and the community.

MELUS: Multi-Ethnic Literature of the U.S.
Cover: praCh.Ly
Volume 36, Number 4, Winter 2011
Vol. 34 (2009) through current issue
MELUS, a prestigious and rigorous journal in the field of multi-ethnic literature of the
United States, has been a vital resource for scholarship and teaching for more than
thirty years. Published quarterly, MELUS illuminates the national, international, and
transnational contexts of U.S. ethnic literature. Articles in MELUS also engage newly
emerging art forms such as graphic narrative and internet blogs, as well as multi-ethnic film,
history, and culture. By including interviews with well established authors such as Maxine
Hong Kingston and Richard Rodriguez, as well as more recent writers such as Junot Díaz,
Cynthia Kadohata, and Diana Abu-Jaber, MELUS plays a pivotal role in the field of
U.S. Ethnic Literature and is an indispensable resource for students, teachers, and scholars.

OTHER WALLS 2 FALL (exclusive trailer)
Currently in post-production, ‘OTHER WALLS 2 FALL’ continues the story of how
music continues as a force for freedom and liberation through-out the world. It is about
music’s power to break down political and institutional barriers – in this case, to penetrate
and transform closed and oppressive societies. The music industry itself became another
wall that fell before the exploding power of the internet.’OTHER WALLS 2 FALL’ features
appearances by contemporary music stars such as rapper Busta Rhymes, country music star
Clint Black, new age music celebrity Yanni, Cambodian rapper producer praCh Ly,
Christian rocker Lincoln Brewster, and a host of other up-and-coming musical talents
from America and around the world. (WATCH THE EXLUSIVE 7MIN TRAILER)

SAMNANG an AFI Thesis Film (teaser trailer)
“Samnang” is a donut shop love story set in Long Beach, California. SAMNANG is a
recent Cambodian immigrant who works nights at a donut shop. He’s a solitary man
who has found comfort in his new country by building a life of routine. But when his
boss, NGOUN, orders him to train a new worker – his sister, VANNY, a spunky,
single mom, he begins to discover that life could be a bit sweeter with another baker in the kitchen.
(Feature: praCh’s music “Keep’n It REIL”)

Mea Ryan 12/24/11
Child of the Killing Fields (video)
Born into the Killing Fields under the Khmer Rouge, Prach Ly escaped to Long Beach, California.
Growing up on the dividing line between Long Beach and Compton, he responded to the music
of the era and became one of the first Cambodian hip hop artists.

SOLEBURY School 11/15/11
praCh visit the Solebury School for lecturing and perforance.
Music: A Spiritual Resistance, Special Concert

KPCC 11/07/11
Multi-American Immigration and cultural fusion in the new Southern California.
Rapper Prach Ly on being a child of Cambodian killing fields survivors (Video)
Rapper Prach Ly was born in secrecy in a Cambodian concentration camp, where his
mother was imprisoned for four years toward the end of the Khmer Rouge’s reign of terror.
In this video by KPCC’s Mae Ryan, Ly discusses how living in a rough part of Long Beach
influenced his music and how he turned it “into my autobiography.”

CityBeat 10/26/11
Melting Pot : The food of many nations can be found along East Anaheim Street
Those looking for proof that Long Beach is a cultural melting pot need look no further
than the restaurants of East Anaheim Street. Rapper and activist praCh Ly—a pillar
of the Long Beach Cambodian community—provided CityBeat with a tour of
his top picks during a daylong food adventure.

Cambodian-American Business Association Annual Awards 08/28/11
praCh is awarded by CAMBA. “Successful Business Award 2011”
for “Successful Entrepreneur and Community Service Excellence”

2nd Annual Business and Culture Expo 08/28/11
The Cambodian American Business Association
The Opening Session Ceremony will start at 10:00 A.M at the Mark Twain Library,
Long Beach, CA.  The CAMBA Business and Culture Expo 2011 will then proceed on
the Parking Lot celebration with live Cambodian classical dance, different ethnic
dance groups, arts & craft, Khmer’s ethnic and drinks will be served, and Business
vendors will take place from 10:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M.
feature performer: praCh

Cambodia Town signs recognize ethnic neighborhood 07/16/11
LONG BEACH — It’s a simple sign, but it took almost a decade to get there.
On Saturday, about 100 residents and dignitaries gathered to officially unveil
one of two signs that proclaim the Cambodia Town area of Long Beach on the
southeast corner at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Anaheim Street.
*praCh honored and is 1/14 CAMBODIA TOWN Sponsors.

“I love Long Beach,” PraCh Ly tells me, “I love the people.” PraCh Ly is Long Beach’s next legend.
The Cambodian-American rapper is a leader and visionary. It all started when one of his demo
tapes he passed around to a few of his friends somehow found its way to Cambodia. Soon enough
over a million copies were bootlegged throughout the country. By producing a bilingual album
packed with meaning and history, he electrified his homeland with lyrics that are relentless,
yet thoughtful. Some have called him the Bob Marley of Cambodia comparing him to
freedom fighters like Fela Kuti.

CELEBRATE ASIA 2011 05/07/11
praCh is the guest of Honor and artist/performer for the 2nd year!
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate
the vibrant and diverse culture of Asian Americans. This event is a nationally recognized
celebration designated by former U.S Presidents and Congress. It is intended to mark the
importance of Asian Americans within our communities.
Celebrate Asia 2011 will be a night of entertainment filled with celebrities from various
Asian countries, flying to Jacksonville, Florida, especially to support this inaugural event.
It is a fun-filled festivity showcasing dancing lions and dragons, Asian celebrities,
live Asian music, traditional Asian cuisine, ballroom dancing and more… all in
Jacksonville, Florida. Come party with our Asian celebrities from as far as
Loas, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore and still more to come!

Artist for Human Rights 04/26/11
Personally invited to attend the house of the Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominated, Anne Archer.
with *Nobel Peace Prize nominee and Human Rights activist, Mu Sochua.

RICE FIELD OF DREAMS movie Premiere 04/13/11
Daron Ker’s ‘Rice Field of Dreams’ had it World Premiere on April 13th at
the 4th Street Art Theatre in Long Beach California. It was a packed house.
The film ended to a standing ovation,.and after the screening there was
Q&A with the filmmakers, then a live performances to end the festive night.

E U 03/25/12
One entertainer who is sure to pick up the pace will be Cambodian hip-hop artist,
praCh Ly. praCh was acclaimed “the first Cambodian rap star” by Newsweek and is a
noted lyricist, musician, writer, producer and activist whose DALAMA albums have battled
oppression via rhyme and lyrics. “I’m really excited to be returning to Celebrate Asia.

BROWN University 03/14-17/11
“Khmer Voices Rising:  An International Freedom-to-Write Literary Festival,”
presented by Brown’s International Writers Project and Literary Arts Program,
will include readings by Cambodian, Vietnamese and American writers; panels
on freedom of expression featuring writers, scholars, and free expression advocates
from around the world (including representatives of International PEN
and PEN America); and film showings, music, and plays.
Novelist Alan Lightman, playwright David Rabe and Cambodian-American
hip-hop musician praCh Ly will headline an upcoming multi-day festival celebrating
the literature and culture of Cambodia at Brown University.

CASE 002 01/29/11
praCh interview Theary Seng:
A Conversation with Theary Seng regarding Victims participating as
Civil Parties against the Senior Khmer Rouge Leaders.

*OSCAR shortlisted party 01/06/11
‘Enemies of the People’ is shortlist for the *OSCAR
Producer, Director Rob Lemkin and Thet Sambath invite praCh
to the Hollywood hills home where they threw a private party for the Oscar hopeful.
praCh recorded a respond song for the film “Enemies of the People”
The song “Into the Wild” will be release on the 2 Disc DVD box set.

praCh interview with Mr. Sam Rainsy 11/04/10
With all the controversy circulating Mr. SAM RAINSY. I am jumping into the eye of the storm.
He have granted me an exclusive interview. He is currently in EXILE. I went one on one with
the man whom millions around the world say; he COULD and SHOULD be the next
the exclusive interview with Mr. SAM RAINSY.

University of Connecticut 09/16/10
Cambodian American Rapper praCh Opens AASI series on Arts and Activism
On Thursday, September 16 at 4:00 pm in the Konover Auditorium of the Dodd Center,
Cambodian American rap artist praCh (Prach Ly) will give a lecture and performance
to open the Asian American Studies Institute’s series on human rights, arts and activism.

The Emmy Award 06/26/10
Jared Davis, Chirs Cash, Wade Miller, Wally and praCh
RESIDUE wins 2 Emmy
Best Orginal Score
Best Production

Oregon State University 05/14/10
praCh Ly: Legendary Khmer Music Artist.
Join us for a night of Cambodian music and cultural history,
featuring a live performance by legendary Khmer artist praCh Ly!
praCh was born in the farmland of Cambodia, but raised in America.
He received international attention with his first album ‘DALAMA…
“the end’n is just the beginnin”. His highly anticipated follow-up album
‘DALAMA…”the lost chapter” catapults his status into musical elites.

praCh is the guest of Honor and also the artist/performer –
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to recognize, appreciate, and celebrate
the vibrant and diverse culture of Asian Americans. This event is a nationally recognized
celebration designated by former U.S Presidents and Congress. It is intended to mark the
importance of Asian Americans within our communities.
Celebrate Asia 2010 will be a night of entertainment filled with celebrities from various
Asian countries, flying to Jacksonville, Florida, especially to support this inaugural event.
It is a fun-filled festivity showcasing dancing lions and dragons, Asian celebrities,
live Asian music, traditional Asian cuisine, ballroom dancing and more… all in
Jacksonville, Florida. Come party with our Asian celebrities from as far as
Loas, Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, Singapore and still more to come!

4th Annual Sarong Party 04/24/10
Celebrate the year of the Tiger in Cambodia Town… in your sarong!
This event is to raise money for Cambodia Town’s Business Improvement District
It’s a party with a cause! Support your community through celebration!

For Cambodian rapper, ‘words are weapons’
LONG BEACH – Leaning on a very American tradition, Long Beach-raised
Cambodian-American rap artist praCh Ly wants to inspire nothing less than revolution.
It may be actual, it may be spiritual, it may be intellectual, but it’s revolution.

FUSION XI 03/28/10
Headliner feature artist: praCh
Since its inception in 1999, attendance has drastically increased,
seating over 3,000 attendees, and is now known as the largest student-run
Asian directed event at UCSD. FUSION, hosted at UCSD’s RIMAC Arena, has
long been an avenue for many of today’s most popular crews, including Jabbawockeez,
Kaba Modern & Team Millennia. Winning two years in a row “Event Of The Year”
from the Annual V.ENT Dance Awards, FUSION is forecasting to grow even larger.
The event showcases performers from all over the nation and has viewers across the globe.
Arranged by the efforts solely of college students, the success of FUSION rests on the
diligence and determination of MASA and 220. Our goal is to recognize the influence of
hip hop music and dance in Asian youth culture and to also to bring to focus the
lesser-known elements of a pan-Asian identity.

The Cambodian Family Org. 03/20/10
Celebrate New Year and 2010 census day.
Feature performer: praCh

( A LOT series ) 03/19/10
praCh is one of the main featured artist.

Best of the Best 02/27/10
praCh @ Boston Mass

UMass Boston Asian American Studies Program 02/26/10
UMass Boston Asian American Studies Program
26 February 2010 — Performance with praCh Ly
Student Feedback from AsAmSt 223L (compiled by Laura Ng)

Gneiss Poetry Series: Palm Desert
Respond to praCh’s performance :
” Oh my goodness, what a great response we have
had from your performance.  I knew you were wonderful a few
years back, but it is amazing how you’ve really polished
your craft.  The students and teachers that were there loved it.
One more thing I want to say about your work……
I appreciate how you take a horrible history and honor it as your
past and part of your culture. You let the truth speak, even
the very bad, yet still somehow infuse it with the
hope of a better future.  Good stuff, praCh!

One Love Community: Rhythm Lounge 01/29/10
Beautiful City of LONG BEACH! We will be accepting Canned Good Donations
which will go toward THE LONG BEACH RESCUE MISSION
for a discounted admission. MEQUATIONS(we are SumOne)
will be selling T-Shirts and 20% of the proceeds will go toward
Dub Prophecy, B.A.M., and Union Name, with DJ Mighty JuneBugg
and DJ Selecta Kram, and Live Art by Trae-Ann and including Rapper’s
Delight-Junebuggs Kitchen on the patio area so you can stuff your Face.
Come Out to Enjoy and Support Live Music from your Local Artists! It’ll be a Treat!!!

Syracuse University: ELEMENTS OF HIP-HOP 11/21/09
praCh : 2009 Emcee and headline Artist
“Started in 2003, Elements of Hip Hop is an event
celebrating the roots of hip hop and its four elements;
emcee, deejay, breakdance and graffiti.
It’s a way for us to recognize “non-traditional”
Asian American talents and show our members
and the campus that hip hop is a part of our

One Imagination 11/17/09
Hip-Hop Did Not Killed Melody Ross.
We wanted to share the article, Mourning for Melody turns
into a celebration by Tim Grobaty, and particularly, the comments
it provoked because it has brought to light some disturbing,
ignorant, and outright racist perspectives on the Melody Ross incident.

The Pacifican 10/28/09
University of the Pacifican newspaper since 1908
On Saturday, Oct. 24, more than 250 people from Pacific and
the surrounding communities came together in the DeRosa
University Center Ballroom to discuss and combat the problem
of gang violence on Stockton streets. The event, titled
“The Real Gran Torino Story: Stockton’s Secret War on the Streets,”
highlighted and targeted Stockton’s gang violence problem.
California State Senator Leland Yee and University of the Pacific
cosponsored the event. Guest speaker: Bee Vang. Music features: praCh

The 09/24/09
Rapper praCh (rhymes with “batch”) Ly cut his first CD on a
karaoke machine in his parents garage in Long Beach, California.
The real story, though, is how he got to Long Beach in the first place.
When he was small, his family managed to escape from Pol Pot’s Cambodia.
Now, praCh’s got a new album, and his own record label. It’s clear that his
experiences in both Cambodia and the United States have shaped his style,
and his sound. Corey Takahashi took a drive with praCh around his old neighborhood.

HELLO VOA 09/24/09
praCh LIVE: Phnom Penh (Cambodia): +855-12-51-51-94
Washington DC (USA): +1-202-619-3144 or -3145
Hello VOA is a popular twice-weekly program that allows
listeners to call in and participate in the broadcast by asking
our guests direct questions on the air. The show lasts for
30 minutes and features interviews with Cambodian experts
on a wide range of topics, including health, politics and human rights.

B.B.C. World Service 08/19/09
The best of the world’s arts, film, music, literature and music brought to you every day.
live interview featuring: rapper, activist, writer, producer: praCh

American Routes’ host Nick Spitzer travels from New Orleans to the
City of Lights — to hear from LA music legends, including Brian Wilson
and Randy Newman. Spitzer also explores the local neighborhoods,
to talk with Cambodian rapper PraCh Ly, Zydeco accordionist T Lou
and Ersi Arvizu, who was the lead singer of El Chicano in the 1970s.
And we visit some LA music landmarks — from the famed
Capitol Records recording studios to the Santa Monica pier.

Voice of America (VOA) 06/30/09
Fans, Stars Shocked by Death of an Icon.
Many of Michael Jackson’s Cambodian fans, including pop stars,
comedians, and Hip Hop singers, were shocked by the news of the rock icon’s death.
Jackson died of heart complications in Los Angeles on
June 25, at age 50, after suffering a cardiac arrest at his home.

The Phnom Penh Post 05/14/09
The Phnom Penh Hip-Hop Festival marks
new cultural movement in Cambodia.
“I saw the first [Cambodian] hip-hop CD in a store in
Phnom Penh in 2002, and I saw it as the beginning
of something big,” said Mesterharm.

Voice of America 05/11/09
Long Beach Rapper Probes Wars of the Mind.
Cambodian rapper PraCh Ly has released his third album,
“Memoirs of an Invisible War,” a compilation of songs in Khmer
and English that range in subject from Pol Pot to modern
Cambodian politics and the problems of the next generation.
“Everyone has their own invisible war inside their mind,”
PraCh Ly, 30, told VOA Khmer recently. “This album is about mine.”
“Hells Gate” is a powerful track that recalls the Long Beach rapper’s
family experience in refugee camps at the Thai border.

Cambodian New Year at Club V20 04/11/09
Headliner: praCh and Universal Speakers (video)

DemRaw review/preview: D3
News flash: Prach has just turned in his passport. No more visits
to Cambodia to visit the poor, the destitute, and the corrupt.
All doors slam shut to words too real for the Killing Field.
If this is his last album, then he just slammed the book shut;
threw his passport at the face of the Khmer dignitaries and
dictators alike. Needless to say, Hun Sen will not be rolling
out his Khmer Rouge carpet to welcome the
brother back home to the motherland.

Hidden Treasures-Southeast Asian Americans in Hawai’i: 04/12/08
Khmer New Year is observed by Cambodians at the end of
the harvest season.  Held in the month of April, the Khmer
New Year celebration is perhaps the most important celebration
for Cambodian people, and is a tradition Cambodians in Hawai’i
have struggled to keep alive. The celebration is a two-part activity
that includes a morning Buddhist ritual ceremony and evening
cultural presentations, film showings, storytelling and traditional
games, and dance and folk music performances.

Palm Springs Sun 4/11/08
Cambodia’s rap ambassador Prach Ly brings
insights on his culture to kids at Nellie Coffman
Middle School in Palm Springs on April 2.
and the entire Palm Spring School District.

In the Shadow of Angkor
Published twenty-five years after the defeat of the
Khmer Rouge regime, In the Shadow of Angkor captures
the resurgence of the Cambodian arts community and its
efforts to restore a rich literary heritage. In many of the works,
the artists defy the decimation of their brothers and sisters
by the Khmer Rouge, as well the attempt to erase Cambodia’s
memory of its history. The range of expression is impressive:
the volume includes poetry, short story, film, rap lyrics, and
essays, plus interviews with authors and a
portfolio of photographs of Cambodia.  feat : praCh 07/26/08
American Popular Music: Introduction
A land of immigrants is the perfect musical laboratory
Ask Khmer-American rapper Prach Ly, also known as “praCh,” about American popular
music and he’ll speak of growing up with Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre, Run DMC,
and Public Enemy on the radio and of cutting his first album in his parents’ garage.
Lacking a mixing board, Prach used a karaoke machine and sampled old
Khmer Rouge propaganda speeches for his powerful musical condemnation of the Cambodian genocide.

Khmer Post  1/25/08
The new album is definitely harder and darker than the previous albums.
Masterful lyrics draw the listener into a tortured past,
a complex present and — ultimately – a hopeful future.

V.O.A. ( video ) 10/08/07
Prach Ly recently took a break from working on his latest album
to perform at Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., where he
spoke to VOA’s Robin Chen Delos.  Here he tells his own story.

the Smithsonian 9/22/07
Explore global cultural movements “in a poetry way” with
Khmer American rapper praCh Ly. The artist praCh relays
stories of Cambodian journeys that blend the traditions
of his homeland with American hip hop.

V.O.A ( audio ) 7/05/07
Hip-Hop Artist PraCh Ly Hits ‘Hello VOA’,..

BBC’s Cambodian Rap Radio 5/07/07

G e o f f   R y m a n   r a d i o   s h o w
The hour-long radio show on Cambodian rap
Featuring the music of and interviews with praCh,
Sok Visal, A Ping, DJ Boomer, Tony Real, and Silong
is to be broadcast finally on .

Andy’s Blog 4/19/07

praCh is a phenomenon. I don’t think anyone can argue with that,
especially as the Cambodian-American rapper seems set on a course
that will ensure he is known to just about every Cambodian
across the globe by the time he reaches his next birthday,..

Northwest Asian Weekly
Prach Ly became the first Khmer rap star when
an album he recorded with a karaoke machine
in his parents’ garage in Long Beach, Calif.,
got pirated onto Cambodian radio waves.
“My music basically introduced the whole country
to rap music,” he laughed. Since his unplanned
introduction, a reputable list of Cambodian American
hip-hop artists have gained fame locally,
including the Tacoma group Second Language.

KI Media
Cambodian-American rapper PraCh Ly told “Hello VOA”
listeners Monday that he loves his work and does not care
much whether he makes money.
Some of his songs highlight the social ills of Cambodia,
the number of people living in poverty, for example,
in the midst of corruption.

Studio 360 8/15/06
Public Radio International and
WNYC New York Public Radio

Out of the Poison Tree

Safeco Insurance Festál presented by The Seattle Times


The Walker Art Center 5/12/06

Long Beach’s Cambodian New Year 2006
praCh and Silong at the Cambodian New Year
Celebration at El Darado park April 15, 2006

Phnom Penh Post, April 7 – 20, 2006
“He is the first person to rap about the Khmer Rouge
– and people are really listening,” he said.
But Ly’s unique style has also earned him legions
of younger fans, said Chim Vannak, 19, of LoveFM.
“Ly’s music is so different from what I am used to
hearing from other local rappers,” Vannak said.
“I actually get excited and share the songs with my
friends. His live performance really blew me away.”

89.3 KPCC Pasific Drift ( audio ) 2/26/06
PraCh Ly[Listen ]
PraCh Ly is the number one rapper in Cambodia –
and he lives in Long Beach, where he writes rhymes about
the Khmer Rouge and coming to America. He tells Ben Adair
what it was like to become a star in his native country,
and be the last one to find out about it.

The 1st Annual Spean Rajana Khmer Arts Summit at UW
SEATTLE, WA – Spean Rajana directly translates into
“the bridge to artistic creation.” The summit answers the question,
Who is Khmer American? The summit strives to strengthen Khmer America’s
voice so that all people understand the immediate necessity to empower
refugee communities as well as their children.
The life and music of a young Cambodian rapper…

Wasserman Research Scholarship

This research project will analyze the different ways that Ly
portrays the genocide, as well as see how his own work falls
under the realm of fiction and non-fiction. This project advocates
for a development of research in the field of the Khmer performing
arts after the Khmer genocide, as well as bring more awareness to
the issue of the performing arts ceasing in the Khmer American community.

The 1st Annual Spean Rajana Khmer Arts Summit at UW
SEATTLE, WA – Spean Rajana directly translates into
“the bridge to artistic creation.” The summit answers the question,
Who is Khmer American? The summit strives to strengthen Khmer America’s
voice so that all people understand the immediate necessity to empower
refugee communities as well as their children.

“I’m not here to start a revolution,” he said, “but if it does, it does. I
say what I see, and I see what I say.” I’m working on my last independent
album…. and when it comes out it’s going to raise a lot of eyebrows and a
lot of people are going to be upset. I don’t really care. I’m not going to
mention names, but they’re going to know who I’m talking about.”
True to his word, Prach Ly is working on a song titled “Therapeutic,” ( audio ) 11/21/05
On 21 October, 2005, praCh gave a phone interview
from the United States with Freemuse intern Olivia Madison.
Here you can listen to him discuss his views on free expression,
his recent trip to Cambodia and observations about the
current state of the Khmer arts community.

The Providence Journal Co., 11/07/05 10/28/05
Sounds and Survival – Khmer music
The lyrics have certainly resonated with the Cambodian
population. At first, DJs were admittedly apprehensive
about playing the album on the radio, for fear of
government reprisal, but it didn’t take much to get the word o

Khmer Over Sea 10/07/05
His use of Khmer words, interspersing with the mostly English lyric,
are not just fill-ins or for stalling to make the words rhyme,
but has very deep meaning and very well placed that can
touch those that understand Khmer in a way that English can’t.
I enjoyed his music and reading his lyrics.
He’s indeed a good writer/poet/performer/artist.

Bangkok Post 8/13/05

Kyoto Journal
I was impressed to see that probably a hundred people from
the local Cambodian community came out for praCh’s
performance, in which he used rap to focus on post-holocaust
Cambodian identity. They obviously saw value in what he is doing…

Columbia University’s Southeast Asian League

N.H.K. praCh part 2

N.H.K. translation


The one act I’m super excited about is Prach Ly
(who performed at the 1st SASC-SI concert).

Long Beach Comber 4/15/05
Local Rapper Keeps Cambodian Culture Ali

Poetry Loft
Poetry at the Loft presents Prach Ly in a Wednesday
evening performance in the Mitten Building.

Redland Daily
poet-musician Prach Ly. May is an expert on Cambodia and the
rebuilding of the nation after the Khmer Rouge. Prach is a
Cambodian-born rap music artist and poet.
“I have become educated on Cambodia, Khmer Rouge
and the effect it had on poetry and literature,”
said Wolpe in her introduction.
PraCh Ly and his Cambodian Rap Stole the evening,
as his personality Climbed to a Magnificent Level of Passion
Talent and Dedication to Cambodia’s History to be reborn.
PraCh Ly is an outstanding performer and creative musical genius
of interpretation and Desire. Love Rules in Ly’s heart and soul over
Cambodia. You see Why Cambodian people are
true survivors of life\’s cruel war effects.

U.C.L.A. 3/02/05

Redlands Daily 3/03/05


Manoa Online

the Cambodian Daliy ( Khmer version )

the Cambodia Daily 1/27/05
On a dusty patch of grass near Phnom Penh’s Tonle Bassac
commune, a crowd gathered last night at twilight.
The small stage didn’t look like much, and neither did the
few woven mats and rows of folding chairs, set up a few
meters from the road. But when Cambodian-American
rapper Prach Ly took the microphone, it could have been
a concert. Local children chanted along with his music,
or jumped onto stage to break dance.

Good Film Works
PraChly was just awarded a scholarship to attend
the 2005 Masters Program. Known as the delegation,
this program facilitated by,..

Hamline University 5/04/05
Spirit   of Cambodia Tour – Commemorating Genocide   Survivors.
Hamline University, Learning Center Building,   Room 100, 1536
Hewitt Ave, St. Paul.  Slide presentation by Carol Wagner, Author of
Soul Survivors – Stories of Women and Children in Cambodia;
Fragile Hopes Documentary Film with  filmmaker Tiara Delgado;
Rap Music by Prach Ly

Lunar New Year Festival
He handed the book for me to browse.  My eyes shined
just skimming over the content.  There were essays,
fictional pieces, interviews, a film script and poetry,
for the most part, written by Cambodians.
I didn’t want to return the book to praCh.

Hawai’i Public Radio 12/02/04
Intent and self-effacing in person, he poured his story
out to a recent classes of Punahou writing students
when he realized they were unfamiliar with the Killing Fields.

Honolulu : The Art of praCh
Free and open to the public, this event is
sponsored by Manoa Journal, the UHM College
of Languages, Linguistics, and Literatures,
the UHM Department of English, the Khmer
Language Program of the UHM Department
of Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific Languages and
Literature, the Cambodian Students Association,
and the Manoa Foundation.

Honolulu Advertiser 11/26/04
Prach Ly, known as “Cambodia’s first rap star,” will give a free performance
and answer questions in an appearance set for Tuesday
at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa Architecture Auditorium.

N.H.K. “Cambodian Rapper” Best Work 2004
NHK Enterprises America ( in New York) has produced 41 programs last year
( April2004 – March 2005) in this series .On March 10, all producers, directors
and staff members worked for these 41programs got together and voted
forthe year’s best work.
And “Cambodian Rapper” was selected as the Best Work 2004.

N.H.K. Cambodian Rapper
NHK America present : praCh
From the street of Long Beach, California to the holy
temple of Watt Willow to the self build recording studio
to one of the most respected underground talent/batttle
club scene . praCh life work had been educating people
young and old about the past and the present of not just
Cambodia but the mean streets of America.

Hatano 10/07/04

Cambodian Rapper Succeeds
Mixing Memories Into Hip Hop Poetry…

Long Beach’s Press-Telegram 07/24/04
Rhapsodies of repressed rage
“He’s a genius. To use his rap lyrics to tell the stories of the immigrants…
I don’t know of anyone else who’s doing what he’s doing,’ said editor Frank Stewart.

New America Media 06/23/04
Called by Asiaweek “Cambodia’s flrst rap star,” praCh uses his music
and lyrics to connect younger and older generations,
Cambodia and America. Born in Cambodia in the aftermath of
the Khmer Rouge regime, he and his family left when he was an infant.

City Beat 06/04/04
Ice-T released Rhyme Pays in 1987, the same year The Bangles’
“Walk Like an Egyptian” was No. 1 on the charts. To black kids
in places like Compton, four pretty white girls singing about cops
at donut shops wasn’t reality. So when Ice-T bleated,
“I’m a self-made monster of the city streets/ remotely
controlled by hard hip-hop beats,” black youth crowned their own spokesman.
Now, 25 years after the Khmer Rouge waged its genocide,
a nation of Cambodian youth have their own spokesman-
a 25-year-old Long Beach refugee named Prach Ly.

Seattle Asian American Film Festival

Asian Pacific American Heritage Month 05/30/04 Channel 3000
“Refugee” (Wisconsin Premiere) Spencer Nakasako’s award-winning
documentary follows a young Cambodian-American who returns to
Cambodia to meet his long-lost father and brother. With filmmakers
Nakasako and Mike Siv (subject of “Refugee” and filmmaker “Who I Became”)
in person, plus a special appearance by praCh, the Long Beach, CA
rap artist that Newsweek named a “pioneer of Khmer Rap” and “the first Cambodian rap star.”

The Gazette
Hip-hop artist Prach Ly, 24, performed for the audience outdoors
between dances. Ly was on tour with filmmaker Tiara Delgado,
for whose documentary of four Cambodian families he provided the soundtrack.

Harvard Cambridge, MA 05/16/04
Cambridge, MA
Public and classroom screenings at Harvard.
Filmmaker present with praCh.
Sponsored by WGBH, Harvard Film Archives, ITVS-CCP.

Wisconsin Film Festival 04/04/04

562 Magazine 03/04/04
praCh has a controlled fury coupled with knowledge and wisdom,
which remind me of why Hip-Hop was great in the first place.

Rock & Rap Confidential
We have a lot to talk about and Prach Ly will make a
good discussion leader. If you’re lucky,  you may be
able to see for yourself on his upcoming nationwide tour..

U.C.L.A. International 3/05/04
Just the fact that he can get his story down with so much
honesty and urgency is enough to give a positive vibe
to the whole project. Give this disc the listen it deserves.

Sx3 Entertainment 02/03/04
Prach Ly….who ever said one man couldn’t make a difference?
In fact this man is makin the biggest we’ve ever seen.
He’s puttin a new flare into the hip hop nation. Yup,
Prach is a Khmer (Cambodian) rapper that is based on
flowin about different things than a thug life…

562 Mag. 2/03/04
praCh is doin’ it, hittin’ folks hard with the truth..
Gettin’ loose with lyrical realism, makin’ ’em feel
his vision..

B.B.C. 1/16/04
For Prach Ly (PRATCH LEE), the streets of North Long Beach
are full of ghosts. Some are from a time before he was born,
memories that haunt…

L.A.Times 12/17/03
Soundtrack of Violent Streets
* Long Beach rappers tell of bloodshed around them
and the earlier genocide in Cambodia.
By the end of “Dalama,” a listener understands the reality for this
population estimated at between 35,000 and 50,000
– the world’s largest outside Cambodia.

89.3 KPCC 10/03/03
Prach Ly, a 24-year old Cambodian musician and music producer.
They discuss the Cambodian refugee experience, as well as
assimilation and growing up Cambodian in Long Beach.

O.C.Weekly 05/29/03
This is the second full-length from
Prach Ly, a Long Beach
hip-hopper who crafts eloquent rhymes about the horrors
of growing up in late-’70s Cambodia during the reign of the
genocide-bent Khmer Rouge (think “Taliban goes to Cambodia,”
and you can only start getting the picture). Three years after
Dalama: The End’n Is Just the Beginnin’, this follow-up finds
Prach telling more stories about his family’s flight from that
bloody regime, often in verse that’s as harrowing as anything
Eminem could concoct (take a listen to “The Great Escape”)

Long Beach’s Press-Telegram 5/04/03
Long Beach’s praCh ly focuses his music on…

DemRaw 4/14/03
It has been awhile since I’ve reviewed any material
that has been worth the text in the Cambodian community.
I think I’ve found it in the form of a C.D. that was created
in a North Long Beach garage. The title of the compact
disc is called: Dalama…”the lost chapter.”

O.C.Weekly 6/27/02
The occupying Vietnamese finally left in 1991, and a state of
uneasy normalcy has existed in Cambodia since then.
Free elections have been held, though they’ve been
rife with corruption. Pol Pot died in 1998, but his bloody
legacy still has an effect on the people’s psyche. Parents aren’t
emotionally strong enough to explain to their kids what
happened to relatives? or why they’re having constant
nightmares themselves. Students aren’t taught much about
the Khmer Rouge years in school, either, which some
attribute more to a forgive-and-forget Buddhist culture
than to an overt whitewashing of historical truths.
A generation born after the Khmer Rouge era is growing
up with only a vague knowledge of that period,
their curiosity especially piqued whenever they
feel something being hidden from them.
And so it was that a 23-year-old Nike-wearing,
knowledge-dropping rapper from
Long Beach became a Cambodian superstar…..

Student Start
Low-budget rap-cd over Rode Khmer-genocide succes in Cambodja,…..

Ramtin V. Moghaddam
At this point Prach Ly was very frustrated and his only way out
of his frustration was, to shout his message through a microphone.
At age 21, he started rapping to young Cambodians about the
nightmares that was going on in their countries, about feelings
and emotions that have not been released out of their bodies…
Prach Ly is still working on his music and songs writing.  Currently
he is working on this project that he calls it Dalama.  He made up
this name out of the mixture of “Dalai Lama”,  “deliemma”, and a
little bit of “trauma.”  His CD will be called ‘ Dalama…” the Lost Chapter.”
He is planning to get his CD ready for March 3, 2003.
Good luck Prach Ly, we feel you and we are with you.

PBS Frontline 4/03/02
Prach Ly, 23, a Cambodian-American rapper from
Long Beach, California, cut his first CD,
Dalama: The End’n’ Is Just the Beginnin’, in his parents’
garage. He didn’t have a mixing board??he used
a karaoke machine and sampled sound bites from
old Khmer Rouge propaganda speeches to create
what he calls an “autobiography,” reciting stories
he’d heard from his refugee family to deliver a
blistering history lesson about Cambodia’s genocide….

CNN 11/08/01
Khmer Rap Cambodians tend to treat the genocidal Khmer Rouge
regime as a period to be forgotten: School textbooks barely mention
it, popular literature glosses over it, parents are often reluctant to
delve into their private horrors. Now, a brash new rap album is breaking
the taboos by telling young Cambodians about the darkest chapter of
their country’s history. At parties, in bars and in homes around Phnom Penh,
the album has teen-agers buzzing about songs on death,
forced labor and broken families. “The End’n is Jus The Beginnin”

Everything 7/27/01
One of the CD’s Ly had given away made its way back to Cambodia.
One record store owner who heard the CD was so impressed that
he made 50 copies of the CD and started to sell them. Local radio
stations and dance clubs started to play the songs over and over again.
Young Cambodians, to whom the Khmer Rouge era was long forgotten
(glossed over in school text books, scarcely mentioned in popular
literature, older people hesitant to remember the terror of those days),
are fascinated with both the songs and the history lesson.

NewsWeek 7/02/01
on a recent day he was more excited about meeting the town’s mayor
at a local protest than about events 10,000 miles away in Cambodia,
his parents’ homeland. So it was with some surprise that he received a
call from a journalist in Phnom Penh a couple of months ago informing
him that the CD he’d recorded in his parents’ garage had somehow made
its way to Cambodia, where it was causing a sensation. Prach Ly, it
turned out, had become Cambodia’s first rap star.
And he’d never
even really lived there….Prach Ly’s incendiary tales of Cambodia’s
past, told in the defiant tones of rap,
hit Phnom Penh like a B-52 bombing raid
“I’ve never heard any music carry information like this,
” says Kham Pouri, 21, a songwriter who runs a small Phnom Penh
CD shop and was mesmerized by the songs when he heard them at a party.
“I’ve never written a song about politics or society.”

AsiaWeek 4/20/01
Can you be famous but unknown? Can you unwittingly
electrify the youth of a homeland you left as a toddler?
Can lyrics written in California bring a new generation to
face Cambodia’s greatest modern horror? This is the miraculous
story of how a 21-year-old refugee named Prach Ly
accomplished all that, to his own astonishment.

DALAMA…the garther ( promo album release party )
By Aaron Van
Thursday, August 31st, 2000
Occasion: Promotion/Celebration Party for Prach’s Debut Album
Time: 8 P.M.
Date: August 18, 2000
Location: New Paradise

Dalama…the endin’ is just the beginning ( album review )
By Poli Bou
Friday, June 9th, 2000

What the heck is Dalama? “Dalama: the end is just the beginning,” is the name of
praCh�s first album. In case you are wondering, it�s not even a real word. During his
explanation of the title, he made various references to the Dali Lama, but it�s really
just something he made up because it sounded cool. “Dalama” is the second of a three
part series that will tell one big story. The first one has yet to be made because he is still
considering whether he wants it produced or not. The third one is in the midst of production
and is scheduled to be released later next year. praCh wanted to make it clear that
“Dalama” is just a demo album. – ( read full review click link )