CELEBRATE ASIA rave reviews

“Our legacy, our heritage, and our identity of WHO WE ARE; I am very proud in deed. Keep it coming to all of us; to learn and to share with one another. Let’s celebrate together again…Celebrate Asia 2011!”
-Vannasone Keodara, Voice of America

“Celebrate Asia 2010– was truly a joy to attend, and I can’t wait for this year. The people were very friendly, and the entertainment was most enjoyable. And the food unforgettable! Jacksonville is very fortunate to host such a terrific event which greatly adds to the cultural diversity and richness of our city.”
-John Burr, Jacksonville Business Journal, Editor
“The rows and rows of food! The entertainment! The partygoers in all those amazing ethnic costumes! The entire event is so wonderfully, culturally diverse. CELEBRATE ASIA is more than a big, fabulous, lavish party…it’s a destination!”
-Jack Ong, Actor (California)

“Splendid Event! Very Impressive! It (Celebrate Asia!) honors the Asian American’s contributions to the community and showcasing the rich cultures diversity, captured not jut the current prosperity but also the reflection of Asian American’s dignity and integrity for their hard work and struggles that put up onto the path for this great land of opportunities and to Enhancing the life of humanity.”
-Wendy Chen, World Journal
“One of the best event I’ve ever attended. Very beautifully organized. Attendeesnhad a chance to taste the fruits, food, and dessert of our cultures. Truly a great event for the National Asian Pacific American Heritage Month”
-Vincent Thuy Nguyen, Vietnamese Community of Central Florida, President
“Fabulous, Outstanding and two thumbs up!! I loved the performance, food, people, music and of course the ballroom dancing!”
-James Yin, Jacksonville Chinese Association, Past Chairman
“One of the very, very best events we’ve attended and participated in Florida”
-Jim Yu, Sono Elite Performance Group (Miami, FL), President
”We were impressed with the variety of Asian peoples who participated in the event, the variety of delicious food, and the types of entertainment.  We enjoyed talking to people, dancing, and being entertained by true Asian celebrities.  The event was a true representation of Asian Heritage Month.
-Tri Vu & Lori Orton, TTV ATCHITECTS, INC, CFO