EOTP : encounters of the evil kind (song/lyrics)

listen to song: encounters of the evil kind

Written by: praCh.

Produced by: DJ ADA and praCh.
music for the extend version of the movie.
Commissioned by: Rob Lemkin and Thet Sambath
use for special screening, performed by: praCh.

intro- movie soundbite: Thet Sambath
“My project is to find out why so  many people died in the Killing Fields.
cut/ “my work is very dangerous !

So he packed his bags, sad but smiles.
Hugs his wife and kisses his child.
Not sure when he’ll be back, gone for awhile,
Where to? Into the wild.
Lifestyle can lose his wife,
Dangerous, can lose his life.
Focused, never losing sight,
Through the darkness of days, twilight of night.
Got to the farmland, and the rice paddies.
They showed him the ditches where they dumped the bodies.
Decomposing corpses make the water bubbly,
No remorse, just seeking sympathy.
Descriptions so chilling, so vividly raw,
A demonstration, couldn’t believe what he saw.
Professional killers, this aint no amateurs,
Confession of killers, captured in camera.
How they, lay them on the ground, step on their back then,
Pull up their head up by their chin.
Lock up their jaw so they can’t scream,
Slit throat, stab neck, an execution scene.
Eat their gull bladder, thinking its medicine,
Eye bloodshot red looking like demons.
Footage lock in box after each taping,
Documents decade in the making.

intermission -movie soundbites
: Thet Sambath
“I do this for all the people,” /” there is only two at the top of the Khmer Rouge,”
“Pol Pot, they call him Brother Number One, ”
cut/ “he’s a very secrete man,”
cut/ “and Nuon Chea, Brother Numer Two”
cut/“working with Nuon Chea is not easy at all, very difficult.
cut/“very secretive man!”
cut/” my work is very dangerous”
cut/“if i compare my work to the battlefield i think i work more harder then the battlefield”

Strategically continues, secretly pretend,
Befriended the monster who discuses as a man.
The mastermind, the Number Two man,
The architect behind the Khmer Rouge revolution.
But its a bit different on this occasion,
Comfortable, from years of visitation.
Felt like a trust worthy relation.
So he let him, set up the cam cord, record the conversations,
Brother number One and Two, wanted to follow China,
But some of the other Rouge wasn’t following behind them.
So this cause conflict within the Angka.
No more friendship, no more ‘phowmah’.
Death to the traitors,
suspicious of treason,
Execute immediately no need for reasons.
The chain of command is broken but still the,
Weakest link still carry out orders.
To afraid to ask, don’t even bother.
Continue their task massacre and slaughter.
Meeting kept secrete, others are paranoid,
Scared to fall asleep, nervous at every noise.
Enemies are everywhere they must be destroyed,
The people, the country, everything is destroyed!

The Vietnamese invaded, the Khmer Rouge flees,
Some celebrated, others are in grief.
The aftermath is so hard to believe,
Two million people, R.I.P!
Before he can surrender Pol Pot died so,
Some say he was poisoned to avoid the trial.
America, China, all in denial.
Resignation of a President, disappearances of files.
New is, they’re closing in on the arrest.
What ever he had to say, its best he address.
So face-to-face, he started to confess,
Told him the detail of his family death.
Then he hid the tapes before they can confiscate it,
An historical document, evidence of what took place.
From the mouth of the man who commanded the killings,
Number Two Nuon Chea, personal confession.
But you can hear the wind, trembling of the ground,
Propelling helicopter as it touches down.
Karma catches up, it just a matter of time,
Now he’s lock up, charge for War Crime.

outro-movie soundbites
: Thet Sambat
“I am very lucky to get this real history and keep it for the new generation”
cut/ -radio clip
“One of the architects of the infamous Khmer Rouge is now under arrest. The charge,
crimes against humanity. Nuon Chea who is now 82 helped the Khmer Rouge leader Pol Pot come to power. “

cut/“The surviving member of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia has been charged with war crimes,.. “