CTFF is a four-day film forum that will introduce new studio and independent features, documentaries, foreign features, short films, animated shorts and re-released classics. The programs will include a variety of special events and panel discussions featuring directors, producers, writers and actors. CTFF will provide a creative forum for emerging filmmakers. CTFF offers the opportunity for student early-career filmmakers, and seasoned filmmakers to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

INVISIBLE DANCE follows the story of Lianne, a talented and beautiful dancer whose promising career and relationships are threatened when she gets abducted late one night leaving her mother’s birthday party. Discovered raped, and left for dead, Lianne wakes up in the hospital massively beaten and bruised with no recollection of the brutal assault. After leaving the hospital, Lianne, plagued by transcendental dreams, and haunted by visceral nightmares, is unable to move past her panic attacks and adjust back to her normal life and decides to seek therapy. It is there, that she meets a tough, headstrong, woman name AJ, a former military soldier and rape victim. As AJ and Lianne’s friendship grows, so does the agonizing search for truth, the torment of repressed memories and the struggles of family relationships and love loss.

CAMBODIA: an ancient land wherein the woods, forest, stonewalls and villages hold the secrets and stories that have long been passed down through the generations. It speaks of magic, witchcraft, unspeakable tragedies, mass graves, and survival. “BEI (3)” chronicles three supernatural GHOST stories, in a cinematic anthology that spans through ninety years of Cambodia’s ever-changing landscape.