Cambodian New Year Parade and Celebration


The ORPHANAGE Productions CEO praCh, attending the Cambodian Coordinating Council (Cam-CC) meeting. The ORPHANAGE Production also he produce the Cambodian New Year Parade and Celebration in Long Beach, CA.


Cambodian Coordinating Council (Cam-CC) is founded in 1999 as non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. The major activity that Cam-CC currently takes on is the Cambodian New Year Celebration. Cam-CC hosted the first New Year Celebration in 2000 at El Dorado Park. Cam-CC continues to host Cambodian New Year each year. The first major success started in 2005 when the organization were support by hundred of volunteers to making the event safe and fun.

In 2007, Cam-CC hosted two events for the first time after merging with Cambodian New Year Parade Association in 2006.


The primary objectives and purposes of Cam-CC are:

(a) To provide advocacy for the Cambodian-American community in order to promote the welfare and protect the interests of Cambodians at the City, County, State and Federal levels;

(b) To provide community leadership through consensus building activities, needs assessments, and effective programming;

(c) To preserve Cambodian culture and share it with others in the community in order to foster understanding and alleviate nuisance between different ethnic groups;

(d) To represent a unified voice for the Cambodian-American community by the gathering of leaders of the community into one collective body in order that all members of the community can contribute; and

(e) To support and organize community projects, such as Cambodian New Year’s Festival and other cultural events


(Group and floats lining up on Anaheim Street in Cambodia Town, Long Beach, CA.)

(The Cambodian Cyclist with The ORPHANAGE Production CEO praCh and CTFF co-founder, co-director Caylee So)

(Cambodian New Year Parade in Cambodia Town , Long Beach, CA.)

(Cambodia Town Film Festival at the Cambodian New Year Parade)

(Beautiful ladies dressed in Khmer clothing with Asian umbrellas.)

(Thousands on the sidewalk along Anaheim Street in Cambodia Town, Long Beach, watching the Cambodian New Year Parade)

(Thousands attending the Cambodian New Year Celebration at El Dorado Park Area 3, Long Beach, CA.)