• * Joined the US armed forces and served in the Virginia Army National Guard for eight years.


    • * 2011, Caylee was awarded the Zonta’s Women in Film grant for Most Promising Young Filmmaker.


    • * 2012, Caylee received her MFA in Film Production at Dodge College of Film and Media Arts,
      having won the Best Picture and Best Director at her school’s Cecil Awards that year.


    • * 2012, co-founded Innovision Pictures.


    • * 2013, Winner of the Directors Guild of America’s 18th annual Best Female Student Director Award.


    • * 2013, co-founded and co-directed the 1st Cambodia Town Film Festival(CTFF) in Long Beach, CA.


    • * 2013, Winner of the Linda Mabelot’s New Directors/New Visions Award.


        • * 2014, the Directors Guild of America(DGA)’s ‘Women’s Steering Committee named Caylee So
          as 1 of 7 chosen to represent the Future of Women Directors of the DGA.