The Sacred Dancers of Angkor

(Photo curtesy of Johnny Mam – at the UltraStar’s UltraLuxe Anaheim Cinemas at GardenWalk) Oct, 2013.

The ORPHANAGE Productions CEO praCh hosted The Sacred Dance of Angkor during their first trip and tour in America. The ORPHANAGE Productions funded 50 passes for the Sacred Dancers of Angkor to watch Gravity in 3D.  This was their first time in a movie theater, first movie experience.

The Scared Dancers of Angkor is under the Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia (NKFC)

The Foundation is committed to helping disadvantaged villagers to help themselves, thereby improving their life expectancy and living standards. In 1997, the Foundation made its first two grants: one in Cambodia towards the training of amputees in marketable skills in Pursat; the other towards the development of an experimental mine-clearing robot machine called “The Dervish” at Edinburgh University, Scotland. Both grants were well used.

Subsequently, a programme of rural development was drawn up to support disadvantaged villagers in six villages around the world famous temple complex of Angkor Wat. This programme became operational in early 2000 with the appointment of a Cambodian Programme Manager. It was extended in 2004 to include a further seven villages in the same District of Banteay Srey.

The population of the 14 villages currently (2008) supported by NKFC totals an estimated 12,778 people in some 2,334 families representing about 40 per cent of the total population of Banteay Srey District.

(The Scared Dancers of Angkor performing at The Carpenter Center in Long Beach, CA.)